Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Eggz

sweet eggz

Sweet Eggz was written primarily in 2009, after a break from the mentally exhausting Czambermusik sessions. A & R was really breathing hard down my neck to bum out people all over again so I once again threw some jams together. This is a pretty quick affair, only one slow bum out track I wrote after I drank a bottle a wine, took off my clothes, and threatened invisible people. Motor skills, I feel, is irrelevant when it comes to writing these boiling sonic turds. I would like to thank my sponsors of Barefoot Merlot for being such upstanding chaps.


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  1. Would you be kind enough to re-upload this if not on mediafire, maybe rapidshare or megaupload? It's still not working for me. I need dinner music.