Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm not dead, just dead lazy, naaawhatimsayin? Unfortunate news, the sound card on my ancient computer has fried out for good, hence no more Partyman jams until I get a new computer, which will probably be never. Even more unfortunate news, I will be this week putting up the most recently completed album "Rituals"(which I should have done a long time ago), and in the next week or two, will be releasing the next album(which will be predominantly instrumental for I have no way to record vocals now) entitled "Tantamount to Suicide", and a quick EP affair dubbed "Hyperspeed Trials". I will be doing one last release though before the year is over, which will be the last one until the computer situation is resolved. It will be entitled "Kingulassa"...I don't know if it will be one long song or several, but it will be written without a sound card, so I can't even hear what I am writing, so it will be guaranteed to either entertain or disgust...or both, disgustertainment.