Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cacocathartic Loss

cacocathartic loss

Done in early mid 2010. Crude cover for a crude album. Seriously, this shit sucks. I got lazy and felt like writing some god awful material.There might be two or three "songs" on there, but the rest is just sonic terror. The centerpiece of the album is "sad gloss", a nine minute long torture session that could have been used at Guantanamo for all I cared. If you are clever, you can pick up on a lot of butchered samples. Don't sue me.


Omega Transcripts

omega transcripts

This was done late 2009/early 2010. I intended this to be a concept album...but with no real concept. Basically just some sub-par existential drivel about devouring cosmos and such (eat your heart out Origin). If you even can decipher my lyrics (which I hope you don't), you will soon understand that none of it makes sense. It's not supposed to, damn it all!! Also, this was supposed to be one song with eight parts, but my ancient computer wouldn't let me do that. This is probably the most cohesive and most metallic jams so far (with the exception of my upcoming jam) so enjoy it...maybe.


Sweet Eggz

sweet eggz

Sweet Eggz was written primarily in 2009, after a break from the mentally exhausting Czambermusik sessions. A & R was really breathing hard down my neck to bum out people all over again so I once again threw some jams together. This is a pretty quick affair, only one slow bum out track I wrote after I drank a bottle a wine, took off my clothes, and threatened invisible people. Motor skills, I feel, is irrelevant when it comes to writing these boiling sonic turds. I would like to thank my sponsors of Barefoot Merlot for being such upstanding chaps.




Sorry for the bulky image, still wet behind the ears to this blog nonsense. Czambermusik was conceived in early 2007 when I had the idea to write my bullshit equivalent of a "symphony". But after a hiatus of Fruityloops not working, and when I finally got to work on it again, it wasn't until summer of 2008. It was only supposed to be three symphonies and a noise track but I ended up tacking on some short grind numbers and some noisy filler. I was unemployed around this time and really fucked up. The symphonies are on average 7-10 minutes long and the centerpiece of the album. Enjoy!


Collective Turds

This was supposed to be the cover art for my ill-fated Law and Order SVU inspired EP. My music software crashed out on me around 2007, which unfortunately wiped out majority of my songs. Only about four of them survived which I threw together as "Collective Turds"with the tunes from my split with DJ Renaldo (The "Zesty" side of it). Much to my surprise, years later, it turns out that the rest of the songs from the SVU ep survived. I might put them on a B-side collection...that is, if I had any A sides. Ugh.


Well I finally got off my lazy ass and decided to upload all the jams I have done up to this point. I have another new one that I'm almost done with, a more concise "metal" album that I am actually kind of proud of. I'm kind of proud of all of my jams, whether they are actually well composed or noise garbage...but I'm also an idiot too and enjoy the smell of my own farts. This back catalogue spans back to 2004 to 2010. I'll put a completely unnecessary synopsis for each album(mainly for Danny) so you can maybe, MAYBE, sympathize with me.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Party Blog

Hey fuckwads, This is going to be the new blog for all upcoming Partyman releases. I'm willing to give away all my shitty music away for free, for any sucker that is willing to listen or throw his or her life away. I should have a couple albums/projects up in the coming weeks, so stay tuned....or don't. I don't give a shit!!!